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International Cooperation

International originations that NUDT is participating:

1. OSDL(Open Source Development Lab):Responsible for the standardization of Linux in the world.

2. OW2 Consortium:As an international organization, OW2 aims to start from OSS project, nurture an interactive chain of international communities and industries, and promote Sino-French cooperation in many fields including middleware. With members from Europe, Asia, South America and North America, OW2 consists of 12 strategic members, 27 organization members, and over 400 individual members.

Cooperation Projects that NUDT has established:

1.  Sixth Framework Program - Sino-European Grid Technology Exchange

2.  Sino-French Cooperation Project - Pervasive Computing Middleware Based on Component Technology

3.   In cooperation with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University - Joint Laboratory of Mobile Computing and Sensors

4.    In cooperation with the Chinese University of Hong Kong - Joint Research Center of Intelligent Sensing System






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