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Cultural and Physical Events

Cultural and physical events serve a catalyst for an active campus life. Drama performances, tea performances, talent competitions, fireworks, photography exhibitions, open-air film festival, and other events have enriched after-class campus life. The Around-Campus-Race in the spring, ball games, and chess games, are traditional events of the university. Centers of martial arts, fitness, music, photography, performing arts, literature, and the dance team and etiquette team of graduates have developed into the core of organizing cultural and physical events.

 “The lotus reveals the flower bud.” Personal Talent Show has become quite popular on the campus. Students of the NUDT have shown to be not only intelligent but also versatile in music, chess, calligraphy, and painting. “Campus Life” Photography Exhibition arouses the interest of teachers and students and their moving photos have attracted a lot of attention.  In literature contests, students fully display their talents in either prose or poetry. Ball games such as our basketball, and football league, have enriched student campus life and strengthened the ties among various colleges.


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